Our Brand Story

Sara Londinium was founded in the summer of 2020 in honour of my late girlfriend Sara, who passed away in August 2017 following a lethal asthma attack. It was at this pivotal point in my life that | decided to launch an activewear brand with the idea of supporting the development of asthma research across the UK through donating a portion of profits to relevant organisations once the business reached profitability, and to raise awareness to respiratory issues such as asthma through the Sara Londinium brand.

The logo for Sara Londinium is a representation of Sara’s cat that she very much loved and was the foundation of the Sara Londinium brand creation

This is so much more than a logo, this is a representation of all those across the world who live with or care for those with respiratory issues, and those who have unfortunately passed because of a respiratory issue. Sara Londinium entered the market in May 2020 and has continued to grow as a reputable activewear brand ever since.

Since it’s inception, Sara Londinium has partnered with NOco2, an organisation who are aiming to replenish oxygen levels on the planet and restore the habitat within the Amazon Rainforest though the plantation of trees. With every sale that we make as a business, we plant one tree through NOco2.